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There is nothing I like more than carbs and the best carbs out there are pasta.  Spaghetti, capellini, rotini, macaroni, orzo, I could go on – I don’t discriminate.  Unfortunately it seems that we don’t have a ton of Italian places to chose from in the Dayton area but I was recently introduced to Troni’s Restaurant and I’ve fallen deeply in love.

troni's inside

Troni’s may not look like much from the street, sitting in a small strip center you will completely miss the first time when you try to find this place after reading this.  Once you taste the food, you will think you’re dreaming – it’s that good.

garlic rolls at troni's

I went to Troni’s with my husband, friends Jeanine and Anna, and an appetite.  I left with the realization that I found my new favorite Italian place in Dayton.  They bring out a plate of their delicious garlic rolls and it’s hard not to fill up on them before your meal because they are perfectly buttery and smothered in garlic.

vegetarian lasagna

I had the vegetarian lasagna and highly recommend it – the sauce is amazing!   Actually, everything anyone ordered looked wonderful.  I couldn’t get over how I had never heard of this place!

troni's sign

The food is sort of reminiscent of Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen – and the owners do happen to be brothers who I’ve heard have an oil/water sort of dynamic.  The family drama only makes the similarities and differences that much more interesting in my book.

Troni’s Pizza & Restaurant
1314 E Dorothy Ln
Dayton, OH  45419
(937) 643-9921
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2 Responses to Troni’s Pizza & Restaurant

  1. Lisa Seibert says:

    I agree, Troni’s is awesome! Brett at Buckeye Electronics next door recommended them.

    On my first visit, I had lasagna and agree that the sauce is absolutely amazing. It tasted like it contained my Mother’s homemade home-grown stewed tomatoes in it!

    • girl about town dayton says:

      I bet this is the closest anyone in the area can get to homemade! Troni’s is seriously amazing – aaaannnd now I’m hungry! I’ll have to head back there sooner than later.

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