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On June 8, I ran the Dayton Baton and had a really great time showing everyone a typical Sunday in my life.  The Dayton Baton is an Instagram account (@daytonbaton) that was created to be shared by the Dayton community one person, organization, or local business at a time.  I love this idea because it’s so fascinating how Dayton always feels sort of small yet we all have so many different ways of enjoying it and living out our lives in this town.


It started at home, with my great view of a beautiful church.


Then my husband and I tried to find some sunshine at Eastwood MetroPark, unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.  The second we pulled in to the park it started to pour down rain.  I still managed to get a neat shot of the water.  One thing that wasn’t obvious in the photo – there were still a ton of people there having family parties in the shelters (we just didn’t feel bold enough to crash one of them!).


Back at home, I marvel over my husband’s extensive Guided by Voices collection.  He has just about everything including all of Bob’s side projects – not to mention all of the various band members’ side projects over the years.  He’s a true collector.  Also note the signed napkin from when he first met Bob at Marion’s way back in the 90s!


Next, we decide to take a walk around Dayton and check in on the construction going on at Hauer Music to make way for the new Dayton Metro Library building.  It makes me happy sad because I have great memories of shopping at Hauer with my dad but I’m glad they are using existing buildings in the new DML plans.


Since Warped Wing is just next door, we stop in for some his and hers beers.  Such an amazing place to pass the time and drink some great craft beer!


We start getting hungry and head over to Tanks where I have to play a game or two of Ms. Pac Man.  I’m absolutely amazed that I’m the first person on Instagram to use the hashtag #deliciousghostmeat – doesn’t everyone still play Ms. Pac Man every chance they get?


We finish out the day with a walk around our neighborhood in Linden Heights.

Running the Dayton Baton was a ton of fun and if you’re even thinking about it, you should definitely go to the website and sign up.  I loved getting to engage with a whole new audience and to show you all how I enjoy my Sundays here in Dayton!

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2 Responses to Running the Dayton Baton

  1. Shari says:

    I love the way you shared Dayton! It is a great city.

    • girl about town dayton says:

      Thank you for taking a look! I realized not everyone has Instagram so I thought it would be a good idea to post them all here!

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