I absolutely LOVED being a Guest Bartender at the Fifth Street Brewpub a few weeks ago and thought I should share my experiences to encourage other people in the community to give it a try.

daybreak website

Probably the hardest part was deciding which charity I wanted the proceeds to benefit.  I decided on Daybreak, a 24 hour emergency shelter for Dayton’s youth.  Daybreak also provides a ton of other services to help homeless youth find the resources and skills they need to help improve their situation.  I had an opportunity to visit Daybreak a few days before my event and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision – this organization is providing a truly amazing service to the Dayton community.

collecting donations for daybreak

When I arrived to start my “shift” I had a chance to learn how to pour beer from the tap, enter the orders into the computer, and where to find the appropriate glasses for members vs. non-members.  Of course, I spent most of the time walking around discussing Daybreak and taking donations, but every once in a while I would head back behind the bar to take a few orders (I was a tad embarrassed of my beer pouring skills, but they improved a little by the end of the night).

pouring beer

By the end of the night, I didn’t want to leave (pouring beer and not drinking very much of it takes its toll on you) so I stuck around long enough to enjoy an Ermal’s from Warped Wing, my beer of choice for the evening.

behind the bar

I can’t wait to be a Guest Bartender again someday!  In the meantime, I can enjoy helping out many more charities by attending other Guest Bartender events every Monday starting at 6:00pm.  Check out Fifth Street’s facebook page for all of the details each week.

Fifth Street Brewpub 
1600 E 5th St
Dayton, OH  45403
(937) 443-0919

4 Responses to Guest Bartending at Fifth Street Brewpub!

  1. Jeff Rudolf says:

    Awesome! My band, Sam at Eleven, is going to be doing the same thing July 7th! Such a cool idea!

    • girl about town dayton says:

      That’s awesome! I’ll have to stop in! Hopefully by then they’ll be serving their own beer :)

  2. Shari says:

    So great!!!

  3. […] organization helping to end homelessness in Dayton’s youth population (remember when I was a guest bartender at Fifth Street Brewpub to help raise money for Daybreak?).  One of the ways to eliminate homelessness for young people is […]

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