Disney movies would have you believe that there is nothing more romantic or exciting for a young lady than being proposed to – I mean, it’s the end to most of those movies.  Nowadays, we realize that there are many, many more things that happen after the proposal including months of planning each and every minute detail of the wedding.  Engagement photos are a great way to capture this time of your life but planning out this photography session can be just as complicated as the one on your big day so let me give you some ideas for locations in Downtown Dayton.

My friend, Nathan, of Nathan Falldorf Photography asked me to come up with some ideas for locations for a couple who will be having a photo shoot very soon.  I looked through some of my old blog posts and my iPhoto catalogue to come up with the following.  I hope at least some of them work out!

This is the Miami Conservancy District (where my father-in-law works) and it’s on Monument across from RiverScape.  I chose this one because I have often walked by and sighed because of how much I love these doors.  Also, I feel like doors are a good motif in engagement photos because you’re crossing a threshold together into marriage.  Now I’m getting misty-eyed.

This is the view from the side of the Conservancy District.  Sitting on the low wall, this would be the backdrop.  This might be a neat way to mix lots of different architectural styles and eras in one photo.

This building, believe it or not, is at 100 W. First St. downtown.

This public art is near the PNC building across from Courthouse Square.  PNC is at 6 N. Main St.

This is St. Anthony at 830 Bowen St. Dayton 45410.  It looks especially beautiful at sunset, don’t you think?

There are giant art reproductions on the walls of buildings in Webster Station.  This is on 3rd Street between the 2nd Street Market and Wayne Avenue.

This is a pretty Episcopalian church on Wayne Ave next to Press Coffee Bar.

And I know this isn’t downtown, but there are all these pretty bridges in Eastwood MetroPark.  I could go on about bridge metaphors, too, but then I’ll get all misty again.  Isn’t marriage lovely?

Congratulations to all the couples planning engagement photos!  You’ll cherish these photos forever so enjoy it!

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