International Franchise

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The unique structure and skilled team at CoCo create important advantages for overseas partners.

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Comprehensive Training Programs
CoCo offers our overseas partners a comprehensive training program prior to opening your own CoCo stores. We customize our training programs according to your specific needs. The training can be devided into two parts- store operations and regional management. The training takes appx. 2 months to complete.
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Professional On-site Assistance for Overseas Franchisees澳门新莆京娱乐app
From the opening of our 1st store in 1997 to becoming the leading bubble tea chain in the world, we have accumulated a rich experience and knowledge for international operation. currently we have more than 200 qualified trainer in more than 100 cities around the world. And when our new overseas franchisees open their first store, we always offers on-site assistance by sending our experienced supervising staff to assist our franchisees.
No 3
Global Marketing Strategy x Local Marketing Support
In order to adapt to the local market and different cultural customs around he world, CoCo Headquarters apply different strategies to different markets and give customized advice. We integrate local resources and global marketing strategy to strengthen the brand awareness and marketing programs. CoCo assists all kinds of stores to enhance their businesses and provide support to enlarge their customer groups.
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Global Procurement of Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
We pride ourselves in global procurement of high quality ingredients including fruits, tea, tapioca, and other fresh ingredients around the world.
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Innovative R&D to Facilitate Quick New Product Introduction
CoCo regularly introduces new products to the market with swift speed. Using state-of-the-art technology, our R&D professionals develop products that are delightfully tasty to everyone around the world. In addition, our R&D team uses high standard testing procedures to ensure that safe and high-quality products are delivered to our customers.
No 6
Contemporary Store Design and Efficient Layout
All our stores are designed to maximize quality, efficiency, and the pleasure of people. The distinctive logo, modern features of the store appearance, and the smooth setup are carefully integrated to boost the efficiency of the store's operation as well as creating a comfortable atmosphere to our customers.
No 7
Professional Management Team
CoCo regularly recruits talents from multinational corporation (MNCs). Our management team consists of top executives from companies in FMCG, Finance, and High-tech industries. over 10% of our emplyees have lived, worked, or studied overseas and all members of our International Department has international operation experiences.