International Franchise



No 1
What’s the process and time for applying multi-unit or regional franchise?
Step 1. Online Application Review (approximately 2-3 weeks)
Step 2. Phone Interview
Step 3. Business Proposal Review (approximately 2-3 weeks)
Step 4. Video Conference
Step 5. Invitation to Interview in Taiwan
No 2
What are the requirements to become a partner of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice?
You must be a citizen or PR of the country you are applying for and must involved in the business full time.

No 3
Can I apply to open only one store?
International franchise is based on multi-unit and regional applications only.
No 4
Can I contact your representative in my region for franchise inquiries?新澳门葡京
All franchise inquiries are processed by the head office in Taiwan.
No 5
Can I contact other branch offices or do I need to visit Taipei for the discussion process?
Headquarters in Taipei consolidates all regional coordination.
No 6
What differentiates CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice from other brands?
1、Product Quality: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice’s pursues the freshest high quality ingredients to sustain our business long term.

2、Brand Image: High quality, energetic, international talent
Energy: Passion and energy are the essentials in the service industry and can also be seen in all CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice stores and products.
Globalization: Our company is a global brand with global vision and capability and, thus, has positioned itself in the global industry.
International Talent: We are the only company in this industry that can recruit elite talents from other fields to work together. We have a global management system. The ambition and investment in manpower are superior to other brands.

3、We provide plentiful training resources and build excellent management systems: Outside of the managing concepts, training resources are considered the second most important thing by investors when it comes to choosing partners. Our company has training handbooks to keep the consistency in various regions. In addition, through the cooperation between headquarters and regional partners, we are able to attain the flexibility to adjust quickly to market needs in each location.

4、Methods of Cooperation: multiple non-franchising stakeholders invest and manage profit sharing to increase sustainability in such a way that does not increase the cost of ingredients nor equipment.

5、Managing Concepts: CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice aims for high quality and sustainable business and has entered the stage of having a global industry structure.

Having mutual beliefs by stakeholders and mutual desire to protect the brand is the key of whether they can be successful working together. This process enables both stakeholders to reduce risk.

6、Careful Planning: the company has the global resources, blueprint, and cautious pursuit of expansion. We use this aggressive but calculated attitude to build our global business, which increases the confidence and growth of our employees. It also meets the standards for risk management for investors.