umbrellas at arepas

One day, my husband and I were in the mood to have dinner someplace new and remembered Arepas & Co., a Colombian comfort food restaurant in Kettering.  I’m so glad we gave it a try because wow, Colombian food is amazing!

arepas & co

We both decided on the mazorca, a mélange of beans, rice, corn, and crushed potato chips.  Then they top that mixture with a bunch of sauces (including pineapple) and that’s a meal.  I really didn’t believe such a thing could exist but then I’ve never been to Columbia, where apparently comfort food is crazy delicious.


I also loved these fried plantains.


If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for something new, you should definitely check out Arepas & Co.

arepas & co building

Arepas & Co.
1122 E. Dorothy Lane 
Kettering, OH  45419
(937) 503-5192
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  1. Les says:

    It’s Colombian not Columbian.

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