For my 600th post, I received the best message ever from one of my readers.  She said that she’s moving to the Dayton area from out of state and was thrilled to find my blog because I portray Dayton in a positive light.  I am so happy to help her feel at home in the Gem City!


It got me thinking about a lot of my friends and friends of friends who move away and end up missing so many of the restaurants and events here in Dayton (although they are all thrilled with their new cities, of course!).  I guess I realized earlier than other people from my class that Dayton is kind of awesome.  Living in the Dayton suburbs has its advantages and one in particular that I cherished was Muse Machine, an organization that facilitates access to the arts for students from elementary through high school.  We experienced plays, philharmonic concerts, ballet, opera, art exhibits, and more because Dayton has all of these things available all of the time.  I grew up with a much more enriched experience because of my proximity to Dayton.  It’s easy to take your city for granted, but remember that we are uniquely fortunate to be from probably the most interesting and ever-changing city in Ohio.

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3 Responses to 600th Post!

  1. Lisa Seibert says:

    Congratulations on your 600th post Lauren! Your love for Dayton, curious nature, and sunny disposition are qualities that make you stand out in a crowd. Cheers!

  2. Katie S. says:

    Thanks for making me feel better about the move! Your blog rules! It is so uplifting and informative!

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