kramers dayton

It’s no secret that I love Kramer’s.  This is a place where you wish the walls could talk because you know there must be thousands of stories they could tell about Dayton’s past.

kramers dayton 2015

On a recent visit one early Sunday afternoon, my husband and I had the place to ourselves so I turned it into a photo shoot.

kramers dayton 2

We had a great time, as always, even if it was a little more chill there than normal.

kramer's dayton 3

Kramer's Dayton 4

Plus the pizza is always great!

kramer's pizza

1018 Irving Ave
Dayton, OH 45419
(937) 294-9141
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A while back, my mom and I decided to use our lunch breaks for some Dayton exploring and visited Aviation Trail National Park.  I wrote about it for, check out the article here:

Bucket List:  Make your way down the Aviation Trail

Here are some photos of the awesome time I had there learning about Dayton history!

aviation trail national park





yoga at warped wing

If there’s anything more relaxing than yoga, I guess that would be yoga at a brewery.

yoga at warped wing 6/28

Warped Wing recently hosted a yoga event with Yoga at Warped Wing one Sunday morning and it was a lot of fun!

warped wing door The weather was absolutely heavenly – in fact the fan overhead and the wind coming through the open door was perfect.


I had a blast with my friends Megan and Amy – especially when we got to use our beer tickets afterward for some delicious Ermal’s!

yoga mats at warped wing

I believe the style of yoga was Vinyasa because this is a style where you’re in pretty constant motion and we never seemed to stay in a posture for more than a second at any time.  It definitely gets you up and going on a Sunday morning!

First two photos in post by Yoga at Warped Wing.

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Happy Sunday!  Hope you’re having a great morning :)  Go get yourself a latte!

Get the Dirt by Kristen Wicker (Dayton City Paper) – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this insider’s guide to the MetroParks! I lived in Vandalia for a good chunk of my life and had never heard of, let alone seen, Sunderland Falls!

Multicultural Dayton:  Chris James, Websource LLC by Tristan Navera (Dayton Business Journal) – And then there was that time the DBJ did an amazing interview with Chris James of Dayton Local!  I thought it was great to read about the challenges and successes he’s faced moving to Dayton from England.

What Happened to Bob Ross’ Paintings? by Lucas Reilly (Mental Floss) – I have so many fond memories as a child watching my mom paint to the soothing tone of Bob Ross’ iconic soft voice but one thing that I guess I never thought about is where all of the original paintings ended up.  I mean, he had a million episodes and painted a painting in each one – and according to the article, there were actually 3 paintings per episode so he could work from one, actually paint on live, and then paint one later with a photographer snapping photos at each step for his books.  That’s a lot of paintings!

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haci grill

If you’re like me, when you find out that an authentic Turkish restaurant is opening in West Chester, you make plans to eat there ASAP.

haci grill grand opening 2

And when you find out that on their opening night they would be serving free wine and appetizers, you get there with an appetite!

haci grill grand opening

I visited Haci Grill for their grand opening and they really had a party.  They had a packed house from the time we arrived to the time we left.

belly dancers at haci grill

Not to mention – belly dancers!  It was very neat that they planned on feeding us and entertaining us all at the same time!

turkish margarita at haci grill

I started with a fun Turkish margarita that tasted wonderful (and had mango juice, so technically healthy, right??).

hummus haci grill

pita bread haci grill

We enjoyed our free hummus and pita bread.  It was obvious that the hummus was made right before we were served and the pita bread had just been baked.  I was in heaven.

haci grill roasted veggie

rice pilaf haci grill

I ordered the roasted vegetable stew and it came with rice pilaf. I loved the variety of the veggies and everything tasted amazing!

falafel haci grill

My husband had the falafel and really enjoyed it.

haci grill menu

What I liked best about Haci Grill was the wide variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from – in fact, all of their cold appetizers are vegetarian!  It’s not every day that I get to choose from more than 2-3 things at a restaurant so this was a welcome change.

Haci Grill might not have free wine and hummus anymore, but I still can’t wait to go back and try even more items from their yummy menu!

Haci Grill
7334 Tylers Corners Dr #1200
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 438-0008
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candle with a cause

A while back when I was selling my handmade accessories Made Local Marketplace I had the distinct misfortune of being SURROUNDED by awesome vendors (and the shopping was intense, of course).  The sellers to my left were the wonderful people behind Candle with a Cause, specializing in soy candles that smell divine – all to benefit Ohio charities.

candle with a cause chai

CWC takes post-consumer glass (i.e. wine bottles, etc.) and fills them with soy wax scented to perfection.  I love that each scent and label is geared toward the charity for which it supports.  I couldn’t help myself at the craft show and had to buy the last Spiced Vanilla Chai they had that day.  It smells absolutely wonderful and benefits Community Shares of Mid Ohio.

candle with a cause chai 2

Candle with a Cause candles are available online as well as Whole Foods Dayton.

dayton beer company

The newest brewery to open downtown is Dayton Beer Company with a spacious, relaxed tap room and plenty of patio seating.

dayton beer company shirts

Dayton Beer Company has been around for a lot longer than most of the breweries in the greater Dayton area – their original location is in Kettering and was popular for growler refills and being generally pretty unique, obviously!

dayton beer company board

Now that they have opened their amazing new Beer Hall – the sky is clearly the limit for Dayton Beer Company.  People can’t get enough of their award-winning brews and awesome atmosphere.

dayton beer company hall

I went to visit recently and loved the experience!  I can’t wait to visit again and soon.

dayton beer company glass

Dayton Beer Company – Beer Hall – Downtown Dayton
At the corner of Second and Madison Streets
41 Madison Street
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 228-2337
Dayton Beer Company – Kettering Tap Room
912 East Dorothy Lane
Kettering, OH 45419
(937) 640-3107
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A while back, I had the privilege of getting to attend a cooking class at the Little City Cooking School and wrote about it for Dayton Local.  Take a look at my article here:

Learn the Joy of Cooking – in Oakwood!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this amazing experience!

me and Jo! little city cooking school

garlic for days - little city cooking school

tofu salad - little city cooking school

berries + cream - little city cooking school

the gem city flea

Despite the ridiculous storm that ended this event early, The Gem City Flea was seriously wonderful.

girl about town craft show

It was my first time setting up with a tent and it wasn’t a very good tent at that.  But it was very nice to get to sit in the shade all day instead of being out in the sun. I totally get why people insist on canopies when they do outdoor craft shows!

girl about town accessories

I was nervous about the weather and overheated from the 90 degree and above temperatures (not to mention the hours of transporting heavy stuff + setting up all that stuff) so I didn’t get a chance to get around much.  I would have loved to walk around and shop and hopefully if they do an autumn show I will finally get my chance.

the gem city flea may 2015

I want to thank my mom, grandma, and my sister for braving the weather just to help me set up, sell my crafts, and then clean up – I seriously (and I mean FOR REAL) could not do this without you guys!  I also want to thank my friends for coming out and buying some bracelets!  You guys are the best!  To my customers – especially the ones who specifically came to the event to see my items – thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I can’t believe the amazing support I’ve had and it’s because you all are wonderful, fabulous, and generous people.  And finally, a BIG thank you to 419 Trading Co. for offering us shelter when my canopy top blew off in the storm.  I have a feeling everyone will be getting 419 Trading Co. candles for Christmas this year!

gem city flea table

With the storm – I can say I learned a lot and made a ton of adjustments in my craft show set up.  I have a much better canopy, everything in plastic bins, and a great app for tracking rain (Rain Aware – $4 in the App Store).  As my grandma so eloquently pointed out, being outside in the storm was “the wettest I’ve ever been with my clothes on” :p  So there’s that.  You simply have to be prepared for such things.

girl about town hair ties

I’m very much looking forward to a fall show but if that’s not in the stars, I can’t wait until next year.  Thank you to the organizers of The Gem City Flea!

dublin pub dayton

One night, my husband, his parents, and I were looking for a fun place to grab a drink and thought of Dublin Pub.  I tend to only visit Dub Pub when I want a full meal, but of course this is also a wonderful place to drink a beer (or two) and catch up.

watermelon beer at dublin pub

I got this odd watermelon beer that was as refreshing as it sounds.  I loved the decorative slice of watermelon used as garnish – such a great idea!

nick mitchell at dublin pub

We also got to see one of our favorite local acts, Nick Mitchell (plus our friend Jason on drums!) and they were kind enough to play tons of The Who, which made it a pretty perfect night!

Dublin Pub
300 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH 45410
(937) 224-7822
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