I recently went on a long stroll through Woodland Cemetery and oh wow was it gorgeous.  Take a look at some of these great photos I took there:

woodland cemetery 1

woodland cemetery 2

woodland cemetery 3

woodland cemetery 4

woodland cemetery 5

Woodland Cemetery
118 Woodland Avenue
Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 228-3221
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The following is an official press release

Dayton’s Craft Breweries Gather on Dec 19th at a new Craft Beer Festival

beer icon

The craft beer scene in Dayton is exploding with breweries opening and expanding throughout the Miami Valley. With 11 breweries in operation, a new craft beer festival is bringing them all together under one roof to celebrate the growing local, craft beer culture. The event, called “Beer!” will host the local breweries at the Yellow Cab building where attendees will be able to sample an 8 ounce beer from each brewery. “We want to host an event that showcases the diversity of our local breweries.  Additionally, the Yellow cab is a central location, so  attendees may be able to try a new brewery that they haven’t traveled to yet,”said organizer Brian Johnson.

Beer!, also will be host to the first “Dayton’s Best Brewery, People’s choice award.” All of the breweries will be submitting one beer, and attendees will vote on their favorites. Organizers say they plan to make this an annual award.

There will also be other local beverage favorites such as Boston Stoker coffee and Mcckibbin Brothers Soda, who will be offering handcrafted syrups and sodas. “We want to have some cool drink options for people who would like to attend the event but maybe aren’t big beer drinkers, and we’ll also have“designated driver” tickets available for $5 that get you entry to the event and a complimentary cup of coffee,” said Johnson. Two food trucks, Voodoo Taco and Hunger Paynes, will be serving food as well.

Tickets are $25 and get you an 8 ounce beer from all of the local breweries, entry to the venue and live music, and a complimentary tasting glass that you can take with you. You can purchase tickets from your local participating brewery or online through their facebook page.

Participating Breweries: Yellow Springs Brewery, Warped Wing, Toxic Brew Co., Star City Brewing Co., Fifth St. Brewpub The Dayton Beer Company, Eudora Brewing Co., Lock 27, Nowhere in Particular Brewing.

Dec 19th
The Yellow Cab
700 E. 4th St.
Dayton OH
Beer Social Media Resource
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DJ Marc Freccero recently went on a tour of the United States, living out of his car the whole time, to get a feel for several different cities and create a unique song for each one (his album is currently in post production) which he’s calling The Light Nearby Project.  Throughout the whole journey, he kept a blog detailing his travels and it’s a really great read.

One city he was pretty happy with was Dayton, Ohio (he even says we have the strongest drink ever at the Fieldhouse by UD).

I for one am thrilled he gave our little corner of the universe a try and might even compose a song influenced by Dayton’s energy, which I can’t wait to hear!  Marc, come back any time for another fishbowl at the Fieldhouse :)

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The following is an official press release

Independent Businesses Offer Big Prizes for Buying Local this Holiday Season. Christmas in the Oregon District debuts new stamp card promotion.

christmas in the oregon district

With over 25 dining and entertainment options and 20 retail establishments, the Oregon District is a great place to purchase diverse holiday gifts from local businesses. This year, the independent businesses have come together to showcase what the Oregon District has to offer with a new stamp card promotion that rewards people with thousands of dollars in prize incentives. Each business will have stamp cards available, which will be stamped whenever a purchase is made at one of 45 businesses. Every business has a different stamp, and once someone has 8 stamps from 8 different independent, local businesses, the completed card can be turned into one of 3 locations: The Trolley Stop, Sterling Studio, and Lily’s Bistro.

“There’s no minimum purchase at any one location. The main idea of the stamp card is to encourage folks to visit more than just one restaurant or shop, which in turn, opens people up to understanding just how much the Oregon District has to offer,” says Emily Mendenhall from Lily’s Bistro.

Completed stamp card functions like a deluxe raffle ticket, says organizer Brian Johnson. “There will be a total of 4 drawings from completed stamp cards.  On three Sundays in December, we will draw a card and the winner will receive a gift basket worth about $500 in goods donated by Oregon District businesses.  On Sunday, December 21, we will also draw a card for the grand prize, which is worth $1,000 in prizes and gift certificates.”

Organizers decided to run the contest from Saturday, November 29 to Sunday, December 21 for two reasons.  The kick off is tied with Small Business Saturday on November 29–a national promotion that showcases small businesses and encourages individuals to spend their holiday dollars in their community–and the ending date gives folks a chance to use their prizes as holiday gifts.  “I might not be planning to get a tattoo any time soon,” says Bob Mendenhall of Blind Bob’s. “But if I win the grand prize, I know a whole lot of people that would be happy to get a gift certificate for one!”

Christmas in the Oregon District
November 29-December 21
Turn in completed stamp cards to The Trolley Stop (530 E. Fifth St.), Sterling Studio (511 E. 5th St), Lily’s Bistro (329 E. Fifth St.)
Prizes total over $2500
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christmas-in-the-Oregon-District/737499816343261
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1512214005697900/
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I’m a big fan of the internet for many reasons, but the biggest one has got to be the kittens.  I mean, take a look at this one:

classy cat in columbus sitting pretty

This is A Classy Cat in Columbus.  My first thought when seeing this cat is how badly I want to bury my face in the fluffy, white neck fur.  So fluffy.  Like perfect snow.

classy cat in columbus upside down

But this kitteh has a fan club and a ton of opinions.  And recently went viral on Instagram (check it out – @classycatincolumbus)!  I’m definitely a fan of seeing this precious face show up in my IG feed every day.


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girl about town hair tie booth

I just started making craft projects this year so selling at a craft fair is VERY new to me. My first experience selling my hair ties at a craft fair was at 3rd on 3rd, a fun, outdoor event held the third Sunday of each month (in the spring/summer/early fall) on Third Street in Dayton.


I was very nervous because what do I know about setting up a booth?  But I read lots of blogs about having a booth at a craft fair and it really helped me to have all of the details mapped out ahead of time (and thank goodness for Pinterest).  One tip I read over and over again was to have help if possible, so I was very happy my husband agreed to come along and help set up and hold down the fort when I needed to shop.  So naturally, I took him to Fifth Street Brewpub to say thanks!


My first 3rd on 3rd was also the last one of the season but I very much enjoyed selling (and buying) so I’ll definitely be back when it starts up again in April.

If you’d like to see what my little shop has to offer, please click the “Store” tab above or click here.


My dog loves to go on walks, especially in nature, so we try not to visit parks where she wouldn’t be welcome because she most certainly disapproves of us abandoning her to go have fun on our own.

cox arboretum

One day, Julia had had a bad reaction to having blood drawn at a routine vet appointment so we didn’t want to aggravate her condition by taking her on a walk.  The weather was beautiful, however, so we decided to just go by ourselves to Cox Arboretum MetroPark. (Cox Arboretum does not allow dogs.)


It was absolutely stunning! I’m so glad I finally got a chance to visit.


The fall colors were just beginning to set in and the view from the Tree Tower was magical.

tree tower cox arboretum

They have a goose-chasing dog on staff who makes sure you don’t have to watch your step while admiring the pretty lake.

dog guard cox arboretum

I think we’ll have to plan on a return visit sometime because I’d love to see this beautiful park in each season.

tree tower looking down

Cox Arboretum MetroPark
6733 N Springboro Pike
Dayton, OH 45449
(937) 434-9005
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brandeberry winery

I loved getting a chance to learn so much about Ohio’s wines considering I’ve lived here my whole life and honestly assumed that we didn’t make wine in Ohio.  A few years ago, someone told me about the local wine section at Belmont Party Supply and I was pretty intrigued.  I’ve tried several Ohio wines since then and loved finally getting to visit some local wineries.

brandeberry wine

First, I gathered a wine party (my mom, grandma, and friend Jeanine!) and we went to Brandeberry Winery in Enon, Ohio.  They offered tastings and snacks so we were pretty much in heaven.

brandeberry winery 2

Plus, the area felt like we were out in the country, which I loved.

brandeberry winery tour

Best of all, the owner gave us a tour of the backroom where we got to see the machinery and everything that goes into local wine production.  It was definitely a learning experience!

caesar creek vineyards

Next, we traveled to Caesar Creek Vineyards in Xenia, Ohio.

caesar creek wine

This place has such gorgeous views everywhere you turn.  I loved the pond, the barn, and the old farmhouse – not to mention the beautiful vineyards that seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon.

caesar creek vineyard horizon

caesar creek pond


Probably the best part for me was meeting this darling little ladybug who is so fancy she drinks water from a wine glass.


Then promptly falls asleep:


If you’re interested in taking a peek at some of the local area wineries and vineyards, you definitely should!  For more information, see my Dayton Local article:  Ohio Wine Country – Dayton Local




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dub pub pints

If you’ve driven past Dublin Pub recently, you may have noticed that it’s a bit bigger…ok, a LOT bigger…than it once was now that they have a gorgeous reconstructed Celtic church connected to their once moderately-sized building.  I absolutely love the addition and really enjoyed catching a Nick Mitchell show there a few weeks ago.

nick mitchell

But I think the really fun part is their new pour-your-own draft wall, because it’s just really, really cool.  You sign up for a card that has a chip in it and tap the card to the beer that you want.  That chip records how many ounces you pour and charges you accordingly.  Just want half of this beer and half of another?  No problem!  I think this is a great idea, especially if you want to try multiple beers without getting crazy full (or drunk, for that matter) in the process.

pour your own wall

I also tried the vegetarian shepherds pie for the first time and thought it was pretty amazing!  It’s mashed potatoes and tons of veggies all baked together in a cast iron skillet. So yummy!

vegetarian shepherds pie

I’m really excited to see all of these changes taking place at Dub Pub!  They’ve taken a great bar and restaurant and turned it up a few notches!

new addition dub pub

Dublin Pub
300 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH  45410
(937) 224-7822
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oregon tails dayton

To say that my dog hates to have her bath is an understatement.  And lucky for her she was born with short hair, which means her upkeep is pretty minimal.  However, sometimes a dog just needs a bath (and we dropped a ravioli on her head so she REALLY needed a bath).  So we took Julia to Oregon Tails Pet Salon and she came out looking and smelling lovely (and a whole lot less like marinara).

pawprints oregon tails dayton

I absolutely love that they picked the Oregon District since it’s close to my house and we definitely need more services downtown.  The space they chose is absolutely perfect – I especially love that they now have a waiting area and it’s fenced in so their customers can’t make a break for it (yes, Julia is guilty of attempting an escape on more than one occasion).

waiting area oregon tails dayton

The decor is so fun and colorful!

office oregon tails dayton

I think she turned out great and the scarf so perfectly matches her collar!


Oregon Tails is the perfect place to take your pets when they could use a beauty treatment (or 5).  I always appreciate their humor and patience with Julia considering she tries so hard to avoid bath time!  Thank you, ladies!

Oregon Tails Pet Salon
502 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, OH  45410
(937) 259-8642