[I love Scene 75 – check out my date night at Scene 75 Dayton.  I’m so happy that they’re spreading the love to our friends in Cincy!]Scene75-Logo

Scene75 Entertainment Center is opening its newest facility in Cincinnati (Clermont County) in very early September. However, no exact date is available yet, as it is pending on the final construction & inspection process. With already over 25,000 eager fans on Facebook, it is obvious that the Cincinnati area is excited for Scene75 to open! It has certainly been an exciting journey transforming a vacant shopping center into one of the largest entertainment centers in the country.

The 90,000 square-foot indoor entertainment center includes all of the same exciting indoor attractions that makes the facility popular with all age groups at the first location in Dayton. The new Scene75 in Cincinnati has 12 awesome indoor attractions: an indoor electric go-kart track, laser tag, 18 holes of black light miniature golf, 110+ video & redemption arcade games, the chaos room (a video game theater), six mini-bowling lanes, spin zone bumper cars, 4-D X-Rider (a motion simulator with wind, strobe, snow, and up to 8 different films), Valkyrie (a 4-D zombie shooting motion simulator) a bouncing inflatable arena, laser maze, and atomic rush room.

In addition to all of the entertainment attractions offered at Scene75 Cincinnati there is also a full-service bar & grill restaurant. The menu features delicious American style food such as pizza, appetizers, burgers, and more. In addition to the restaurant bar, there is a second bar located in the center of the facility so that guests can walk around the facility with their drinks. There is also a snack zone where guests can fill up on treats like cotton candy and soft pretzels.

For those interested in booking a private event at Scene75 Cincinnati there are a variety of options: birthday parties, corporate parties, team parties, field trips, group events, and private rentals. Birthday parties at Scene75 are customizable to allow you to plan your perfect party with the attractions that you want. Scene75 also caters to corporate groups with a variety of options to have fun and improve teamwork. Schools, teams, large groups, and other organizations that are looking for packages will be happy to know we have something for them as well. With 4 party rooms plus a banquet room that can be expanded into a single room fitting 200+ people, Scene75 is definitely the best place to party. For more information about the party and events please go to http://www.scene75.com/book-an-event-cincinnati/.

Scene75 is committed to being not just an entertainment center, but also a large part of the community. We are proud to offer programs that benefit the community directly such as the “learn to earn” program and the special needs program. The Cincinnati location will also offer special public events similar to the ones that make the Dayton location an integral part of the community. One example, the free indoor trick-or-treating event at Scene75 Dayton has been a huge hit with 5,000 guests attending each year and tons (literally over a thousand pounds) of candy being passed out throughout the facility. The Cincinnati location employs over 150 people, leading many to believe that Scene75 will be a focal point of the community’s business and entertainment offerings for years to come.

For construction updates and additional attraction information check out the Cincinnati location’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/scene75cincinnati. Or learn more about the Scene75 brand by visiting our website at www.scene75.com.

hairless hare

So, there’s this amazing pizza that I’m in love with…and it’s at a brewery.  It doesn’t get better than that!

hairless hare vandalia

Haireless Hare Brewery opened in Vandalia in 2013 but couldn’t serve food right away.  Obviously they had plenty of time to think over that menu because their pizza is delicious!

hairless hare taps

Their hummus is amazing, too!

hairless hare hummus

The pizza I love best would have to be the Pesto Veggie Pizza (but I think I would have called it the artichoke pizza because that was my favorite part!).

hairless hare pizza 1

They even offer pizza specials like this amazing blue cheese pizza.  My friend (and former co-worker) Lisa was all over this one.  I tried a piece or two and couldn’t believe I actually liked something with blue cheese – I’m either growing a palate or they just make a really good specialty pizza, not sure which.

hairless hare pizza blue cheese

My favorite of their beers is the American Ale, which I believe they have all year.  I had to try a shandy though:

hairless hare shandy

If you haven’t tried the pizza at Hairless Hare, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot as soon as possible!

The Hairless Hare
738 West National Road
Vandalia, OH  45377
(937) 387-6476
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st vincent de paul logo

Growing up in the Dayton area, you hear about St. Vincent de Paul all the time – clothing drives, fundraising, etc. People just know about this organization and their mission to provide safe shelter to those in need, even if they’ve never needed to use it themselves. When I was asked to take a tour of St. Vincent, I thought I knew just about everything they do but I was wrong: There is so much more to St. Vincent than I realized! Here are 5 of the things I learned about St. Vincent during my tour of their facilities:

st. vincent women

1. In addition to all those fundraisers and clothing drives you participate in at work, there are tons of opportunities to get more hands-on with your charitable giving. For instance, did you know that you can volunteer with a group of friends/coworkers/family to prepare and serve a meal at one of the St. Vincent shelters? There are tons of volunteer opportunities at St. Vincent – click here for more information on how to get involved.

2. St. Vincent de Paul helps to provide shelter to those in need but I didn’t know how many people are involved in helping to keep people in their homes in the first place. There are 35 “conferences” of St. Vincent (33 parishes and 2 universities – Wright State and University of Dayton) each with the goal of helping people in their local communities by offering direct assistance to help keep families in their homes. Want to find the conference in your neighborhood? Click here for a list of conferences by zip code.

3. Absolutely no donation to St. Vincent is wasted. Seriously. Let’s say you donate clothing to the St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter for Women and Families and they don’t currently have a need for all of it. They send the unused items to be sold at their Community Thrift Store or to any of the 35 conferences that might need clothing for their community members. If you donate food items and they don’t get used for meals, they go to the families who shop at the Food Pantries. They make sure that nothing you donate goes to waste so check out their wish list for the items they could use right now.

st vincent men's

4. It’s so…organized! I don’t know about you but my impression of shelters has been set by movies and TV and I assumed that they were some form of controlled chaos. They are usually depicted as barely able to serve the community – understaffed, underfunded, in shambles. I was so happy to see that the Gateway Shelters at St. Vincent are calm, organized, with every need of their guests taken into consideration. I can only imagine how welcome this must be to the people they serve.

5. The stats are pretty surprising. I know that Dayton has a pretty high poverty rate but I had no idea that this would be so represented in the data from St. Vincent. In the first 3 months of 2015 they provided a total of 38,019 shelter nights to people in our community and in 2013, St. Vincent provided shelter to 4,000 men, women, and children in the Dayton area. These numbers are staggering when you think of all of the people affected by homelessness right here in our backyard. There are other numbers to consider though: 60,000 – 3,000 – 10,000.

  •  60,000: The number of hours in service by the 36 area conferences of St. Vincent
  • 3,000: The number of volunteers who have donated their time in the effort to eliminate homelessness in Dayton
  • 10,000: The number of people in the past decade who have permanently escaped homelessness thanks to the dedication and compassion of St. Vincent staff and volunteers

I’m so glad I took the opportunity to tour the St. Vincent facilities to see them firsthand. If you’re interested in scheduling at tour or learning more about St. Vincent, contact the administration office at (937)222-7349.


Ooo, this Sunday got away from me!  Here are some fun articles and videos to round out your Sunday evening:

Steinem to Receive Dayton Literary Peace Prize by Ariel Van Cleave (WYSO.org) – I didn’t realize that 2015 is the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accord – and we are celebrating by honoring Gloria Steinem with the Dayton Literary Peace Prize!  There will even be a gala to celebrate on November 1.

The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain (TED) – As someone who leans toward introverted I can say without hesitation that society favors the extrovert.  I would love to one day see workplaces start to respect that not everyone is great at focusing in an open air environment, etc.  And guess what?  Tickets for TEDxDayton are on sale now!

Teens Use Flip Phones for the First Time by Safiya Nygaard (Buzzfeed) – Oh wow, if you want to feel a little older than you did a minute ago, watch this video of teens using flip phones (yes, the ones we thought were super cool) for the first time.

fifth street brewpub beer

I understand that technically we are heading past summer a bit but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the heck out of dining al fresco on one of the many perfect patios in Dayton.  One such perfect patio is Fifth Street Brewpub’s beer garden.  There always seems to be plenty of room and when the weather cooperates it’s the best way to eat a meal and drink some craft beer.

fifth street brewpub patio

On a recent visit, we tried the pretzel bites.  Not only are they just plain adorable, they are also delicious!

fifth street brewpub pretzel bites

Of course, I can’t say enough about my favorite dish – the vegetarian wrap.  The black bean hummus, the corn salsa, it’s all absolutely melty, deliciousness.

fifth street brewpub wrap

Enjoy the rest of summer on the patios while you still can – it’s the perfect excuse to let someone else cook tonight 😉

fifth street brewpub flowers

Fifth Street Brewpub
1600 E. Fifth St.
Dayton, OH  45402

hair ties girl about town accessories

I have big news from my little business, Girl About Town Accessories – I’ve recently moved all of my items to Etsy.  You can check it out here:


The reason I decided to move my items is because Etsy is a website devoted to craft businesses so it’s just naturally better designed to manage a little craft business than a website that can handle any type of business. My Big Cartel website is still operational – you can even still purchase items that way if you’d like – it’s just the most basic version so I can only have 5 items there.  I decided to keep it open because I’ve handed out a ton of business cards (and I still have a ton) that have my Big Cartel info.

bangles girl about town accessories

I also love that it’s possible to list my entire inventory on Etsy because now people can have a sense of what I have ready to ship if they’re looking for something to be sent within one business day.

If you check it out, I hope you like the change!  I’m really enjoying joining Etsy as a seller considering I’ve been a shopper there for 8 years. Wow, that’s a long time!

I have an exclusive offer for my blog readers:  Use coupon code GATBLOG to receive 50% off on my Etsy store from now until 8/31/15!  Thank you all so much for your support!

girl about town accessories owl stack

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Beer Wine Food Chalk Logo

The Beer, Wine and Food Festival will return for its sixth year with a special “Chalk Street Art” on August 28-29, 2015. The 2015 festival is presented by RestorAid Remodeling.  In 2014, the festival attracted over 4,000 attendees and this year is expected to draw upwards of 5,000 guests with their move to the new expanded location in historic downtown Wyoming with over 80 craft ales and wines.

The entertainment lineup for the festival features The Websters on Friday night with Ricky Nye and The Carter New Band on Saturday. More than 10 local food vendors will bring a wide variety of food options for guests. Festival hours are Friday, August 28 from 5pm – midnight and Saturday, August 29 from 12-midnight. Admission to the festival is $10 for Non-Tasting Admission (includes admission to the festival) and $30 for Tasting Admission (includes admission to the festival & wristband, and 5 tickets

New this year, you can become a VIP and get admission, unlimited tastings, special VIP reception from 5-6pm and commemorative drinking glass ( Must be 21+) for $50.

The Beer Wine Food committee is excited to bring art to the festival this year. Building on the previous success of Clifton’s StreetScape for 10 years, Kip Eagan has eagerly jumped on board with Beer Wine Food to duplicate its success in Wyoming. Kip, an independent curator, is no stranger to multiple ArtWorks’ projects around the city focusing on making art more accessible. Groups of artists will recreate masterpieces on the festival’s streets while attendees can watch art in action. There will also be an opportunity for children to add their mark on a masterpiece. All participating children will receive a free chip wheelie from Graeter’s!

Charity founder Brooke Desserich says, “We really feel like this addition of street chalk art will not only help us to bring art into our neighborhoods, but also serves as a celebration of our roots when the community of Wyoming founded The Cure Starts Now through selling my daughter Elena’s artwork for donations to cancer research. I can’t think of a better location to kick off this new venture for our charity.”

Proceeds of the event benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation, one of the only cancer foundations dedicated to a “homerun cure” for all cancers, starting first with one of the most deadly and difficult cancers: pediatric brain cancer. Visit www.BeerWineFood.org for more information and for volunteer opportunities.

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lock 27

I was pretty excited to revisit Lock 27 because this place is amazing.  This time we brought a crowd and big appetites!

lock 27 2

This time I tried a lemon drop martini (made with Belle of Dayton vodka!) and it really hit the spot – there’s nothing like lemon drinks in the heat of summer.

lock 27 martini lemon drop

Have you tried their hummus?  I’m pretty sure it has as many jalapenos as chickpeas – so it goes without saying that I LOVED it.  I also loved that it came with tons of veggies and a variety of things to dip – not just one type of thing.  It seems like most places bring you a ton of hummus and then only one thing to eat it with.  Variety is the spice of life.  Variety and jalapenos, that is.

lock 27 hummus

Next I tried a flight of beers – I loved all of them, which is no surprise since Lock 27 brews their own amazing beer in house.

beer flight lock 27

Dinner was easy because they had mac & cheese – when I’m in a comfort food mood, nothing else compares.

mac and cheese lock 27

I’m so glad that we were able to get a fun group together to visit this super popular and delicious gastro pub!

lock 27 sandwich and fries


Lock 27 Brewing
1035 S Main St
Dayton, OH 45458
(937) 433-2739
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heliotrope sign

heliotrope beads 4

If there is a heaven, it probably resembles Heliotrope Bead Company – TONS of beads and a precious shop dog, what more do you need??

heliotrope 1

I loved getting a chance recently to stop in and stock up on some pretty beads to make some jewelry for my little business.

heliotrope beads

I have such fond memories of shopping here when I was a kid – back when I might have enough pocket change for a handful of beads in the a la carte section.  Then we’d go back to one of our houses to make them into a necklace, earrings, etc.  I guess you could say bead shopping makes me feel like a kid again (even if I can afford full strands of beads now)!

heliotrope beads 2


heliotrope beads 7

What I loved about this recent trip was spending some quality time with shop dog, Mr. Marbles.  He’s adorable, super sweet, and comes to check on you if you’re looking for beads on the bottom row since that’s more his domain.

mr marbles shop dog

I didn’t realize it ahead of time, but I was craving some peachy beads like no other – so I ended up getting mostly that color.  Check out the set of bracelets and earrings I made with these guys:

girl about town accessories peach bracelets

It’s probably for the best that Heliotrope only accepts cash, otherwise I would go broke there every pay day.  Heliotrope has beads from all over the world and just about any stone, design, size, color you can imagine.

heliotrope beads 3

Next time you’re fixing to create something beautiful, you should definitely visit Heliotrope!

heliotrope beads 5

heliotrope beads 6


Heliotrope Studio & Beads
3001 Catalpa Dr
Dayton, OH 45405
(937) 275-1071
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communitea 5

Hope you’re enjoying a perfect, relaxing Sunday!  Grab a scone and enjoy some great Dayton articles:

Preen Apothecary:  A Shrine to All Things Beauty by LIFTLab – I am absolutely in love with this amazing article written by LiftLab about Preen.  Preen carries LiftLab products so for LiftLab’s blog, they did a fun Q&A with Preen’s owner, Nicole Gianuglou.

The Dog He Couldn’t Forget by Deborah Durbin (SICSA Blog) – This story made my heart so happy!  I love adoption stories – they always remind me of my own story of adopting our little angel, Julia!

10 Archaeological Sites in Ohio that Will Absolutely Fascinate You by April Dray (Only In Your State) – Although I think there are better articles out there about the wealth of earthworks and other Ancient Native American sites available to us in Ohio, this one is short and sweet with nice photos of each location, including SunWatch in Dayton.

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