brandeberry winery

I loved getting a chance to learn so much about Ohio’s wines considering I’ve lived here my whole life and honestly assumed that we didn’t make wine in Ohio.  A few years ago, someone told me about the local wine section at Belmont Party Supply and I was pretty intrigued.  I’ve tried several Ohio wines since then and loved finally getting to visit some local wineries.

brandeberry wine

First, I gathered a wine party (my mom, grandma, and friend Jeanine!) and we went to Brandeberry Winery in Enon, Ohio.  They offered tastings and snacks so we were pretty much in heaven.

brandeberry winery 2

Plus, the area felt like we were out in the country, which I loved.

brandeberry winery tour

Best of all, the owner gave us a tour of the backroom where we got to see the machinery and everything that goes into local wine production.  It was definitely a learning experience!

caesar creek vineyards

Next, we traveled to Caesar Creek Vineyards in Xenia, Ohio.

caesar creek wine

This place has such gorgeous views everywhere you turn.  I loved the pond, the barn, and the old farmhouse – not to mention the beautiful vineyards that seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon.

caesar creek vineyard horizon

caesar creek pond


Probably the best part for me was meeting this darling little ladybug who is so fancy she drinks water from a wine glass.


Then promptly falls asleep:


If you’re interested in taking a peek at some of the local area wineries and vineyards, you definitely should!  For more information, see my Dayton Local article:  Ohio Wine Country – Dayton Local




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dub pub pints

If you’ve driven past Dublin Pub recently, you may have noticed that it’s a bit bigger…ok, a LOT bigger…than it once was now that they have a gorgeous reconstructed Celtic church connected to their once moderately-sized building.  I absolutely love the addition and really enjoyed catching a Nick Mitchell show there a few weeks ago.

nick mitchell

But I think the really fun part is their new pour-your-own draft wall, because it’s just really, really cool.  You sign up for a card that has a chip in it and tap the card to the beer that you want.  That chip records how many ounces you pour and charges you accordingly.  Just want half of this beer and half of another?  No problem!  I think this is a great idea, especially if you want to try multiple beers without getting crazy full (or drunk, for that matter) in the process.

pour your own wall

I also tried the vegetarian shepherds pie for the first time and thought it was pretty amazing!  It’s mashed potatoes and tons of veggies all baked together in a cast iron skillet. So yummy!

vegetarian shepherds pie

I’m really excited to see all of these changes taking place at Dub Pub!  They’ve taken a great bar and restaurant and turned it up a few notches!

new addition dub pub

Dublin Pub
300 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH  45410
(937) 224-7822
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oregon tails dayton

To say that my dog hates to have her bath is an understatement.  And lucky for her she was born with short hair, which means her upkeep is pretty minimal.  However, sometimes a dog just needs a bath (and we dropped a ravioli on her head so she REALLY needed a bath).  So we took Julia to Oregon Tails Pet Salon and she came out looking and smelling lovely (and a whole lot less like marinara).

pawprints oregon tails dayton

I absolutely love that they picked the Oregon District since it’s close to my house and we definitely need more services downtown.  The space they chose is absolutely perfect – I especially love that they now have a waiting area and it’s fenced in so their customers can’t make a break for it (yes, Julia is guilty of attempting an escape on more than one occasion).

waiting area oregon tails dayton

The decor is so fun and colorful!

office oregon tails dayton

I think she turned out great and the scarf so perfectly matches her collar!


Oregon Tails is the perfect place to take your pets when they could use a beauty treatment (or 5).  I always appreciate their humor and patience with Julia considering she tries so hard to avoid bath time!  Thank you, ladies!

Oregon Tails Pet Salon
502 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, OH  45410
(937) 259-8642

The following is an official press release

Market: An eclectic market featuring farmers and artisanal food items coming  just in time for the holidays


On Friday, Nov. 21, The Yellow Cab Building will host a boutique food event called “Market.” This market will consist of local farmers, small boutique vendors such as sauce and salsa makers, cottage food bakers and more. “Market” will combine traditional markets, a craft beer festival, and live entertainment”

“‘Market’ is a concept I have been working on with Lee Anne House from HouseMade sriracha. Together, we hope to throw a fun and eclectic event that will help people get inspired and ready for the holidays” says organizer Brian Johnson. “The focus will be on bringing small, local food vendors together, allowing attendees to take care of both holiday gifts and cooking at the same time. There will be food for takeaway and consumption on site.” Johnson said there will also be food trucks and live music during the event. “We want this event to be fun! We will be serving local craft beer and ETCH will be djing.”

There will be a variety of vendors in attendance including; sauce makers, a salsa maker, bakers, hand crafted sodas, meats and cheeses, desserts, beef jerky, spices, farmers and more. For more information about “Market” people can go to their facebook, or website

Event Details:
Friday, November 21st
The Yellow Cab Building
700 E. 4th St.
Dayton, OH  45402

making strides dayton 2014

I absolutely loved going to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this year because my mom finished up her chemotherapy a couple weeks before the walk!  She’s such a strong and wonderful person and never stopped being positive the whole way through her treatment.  I’m so happy she’s feeling better!

breast cancer awareness manicures

Before the event, my mom and sister came over for pink manicures.  I think they turned out great!

hope sweatshirts

We made sweatshirts to commemorate the walk.  I love T&L Custom Screening in Northridge – they have such great service and helped us find exactly what we were looking for (which couldn’t have been easy since we had no idea).

hope shirts

We picked the word ‘hope’ because it means so much in our family.  Cancer has taken a lot from us but we always hope for a better future, maybe even one day seeing a world where cancer has been cured.

making strides dayton 2014 loop

I can’t wait for Making Strides 2015!

salon j ladner entrance

Recently my sister was thinking about changing her look – now that she works from home, she doesn’t feel as obligated to stick to corporate standards.  She decided on a very fun, but definitely not particularly office-appropriate (unless you work at an awesome office) hair style and the perfect place for her hair journey was Salon J Ladner.

salon j ladner interior

First, Joshua sat Beth down and asked what she was looking for, making absolutely sure he knew what she had in mind before grabbing the color and getting to work.  This is a Paul Mitchell salon and it’s a ton of fun just shopping here, let alone getting your hair done with these amazing products.

chandelier salon j ladner

Next came the processing, so of course we had to goof off – luckily Dayton Inspires had dropped off some fun stickers for us to wear, take selfies, and then immediately Instagram.  (Check out all of the awesome #DaytonInspires posts by checking out the hashtag or following @DaytonInspires.)

me and joshua

I really enjoyed watching Joshua work – in a short time he had essentially sculpted her hair into the cut she had been looking for and it looked absolutely amazing!

join the hair journey

The results speak for themselves.  I think she looks fantastic and she says she has fun styling it herself at home now that it finally looks the way she imagined.  Take a look at her handiwork for her recent trip to ChiCon.


I can’t say enough about how great this salon really is.  The staff is friendly and work together to create a very welcoming and fun environment for their customers.  I can’t wait to see what Salon J Ladner does next!

finishing touches salon j ladner

I absolutely loved getting a chance to tag along and watch the whole process from start to finish.  I’m a huge beauty nerd and I hope I didn’t completely get in the way!

Salon J Ladner
37 S St Clair St
Dayton, OH  45402
(937) 220-9441

Oh wow, I said I would revamp this Ask Me Anything series and instead I completely dropped the ball!  I have a back log of questions to answer so I’ll get started with my favorite:  How to revive old nail polish.

If you’ve ever fallen head over heels for a nail color, you know that when it’s no longer for sale, every drop in that bottle becomes more precious than gold.  You want to make sure to get the most out of what you have left and time is the enemy – after a while nail polish gets thick, sticky, and gloopy instead of smooth and thin.

That’s when nail polish thinner comes in!  Simply add a drop or two (or three or four for really thick nail polish), shake it up (or rather, roll it between your hands to avoid air bubbles), and like magic your favorite lacquer is brand new again.

Here are some thinners to try at a few price points:

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner $9

opi nail polish thinner

Seche Restore Restoration Thinner $6

seche restoreI’ve read online that some people use drops of acetone instead, however after a while it will fade the color of the nail polish.  Since the goal is to still be able to enjoy your nail color, I can’t recommend using nail polish remover as a thinner.  Nail polish thinner has saved some of my favorite nail polishes, and none of them have faded!

If you have a beauty question for me, let me hear it using the contact tab on my blog or email me at girlabouttowndayton[at]gmail[dot]com.


** This giveaway is complete – follow my blog to keep up on all the fun giveaways to come! **

dewey's pizza austin landing

I was absolutely overjoyed at getting a chance to preview the brand new Dewey’s Pizza at Austin Landing.  First of all, look how fancy it looks:

deweys pizza austin landing 2

The pizza is incredible – I tried the Green Lantern pizza (red sauce, minced garlic, mushrooms, goat cheese, artichokes, pesto – half without goat cheese because I’m not a fan and they are wonderfully accommodating) and fell madly in love!

green lantern pizza

Their desserts are amazing – here’s the Brookie by Dayton’s own Moore Dessert Please (and yes, it was the best ever).

brookie moore dessert please

I’m so glad that Dewey’s is growing in the Greater Dayton Area, not only because their pizza is fantastic, but also because these lovely people give back to our community.  In fact, on December 8th (my birthday!) Dewey’s Pizza of Austin Landing will be hosting a fundraising event to benefit St. Vincent de Paul where 20% of all food purchases during business hours (11:00am – 10:00pm) will be donated.  Just make sure to mention that’s why you’re there!

pizza dough dewey's austin landing

Now for the fun part!  How would you like a $25 gift card to try Dewey’s Pizza at Austin Landing?  Leave a comment on this post with your favorite pizza toppings to enter!  Each participant can enter up to 3 times and please, only enter if you live in Ohio and will be visiting the Austin Landing location of Dewey’s Pizza.  The winner will be drawn on Friday, November 14.

pizza prep dewey's pizza austin landing

Dewey’s Pizza
3600 Rigby Road
Miamisburg, OH  45342
(937) 859-7777
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My favorite part about participating in 3rd on Third may have been getting a chance to stock up on some seriously amazing bath and body products from local vendors.  When I realized what a treasure trove I had put together for myself, I knew I had to have a spa day!

Sugar Hy – Body Scrub


This body scrub is serious business!  I love that it stays gritty long enough to really work on the dead skin cells that need to go.  I used this all over my skin and I can definitely tell that I’ll be relying on this scrub all winter long!  I bought the Breast Cancer edition and the combination of lavender, orange, and jasmine is so very relaxing.  The natural oils are hydrating and knowing it doesn’t have all the chemical junk found in most drugstore body scrubs is wonderful!  This scrub and a vanilla version are available on Sugar Hy’s Etsy page.

Comet Vomit – Nail Polish

comet vomit

I love love love Comet Vomit’s colors and that I know the person making them!  While Tiffany is no longer making her amazing products here in Dayton (as of this week she’s a Nashvillian) I was so happy to be able to stock up on some new colors in her last time as a vendor at 3rd on Third.  These colors are Galactose Intolerance and Cosmic Wreck.  You can still buy Comet Vomit products via her Etsy page.

Dirty Mouthed Hippy Soap Co. – Lotion

sugar hy

After a scrub and a mani, nothing is more important than moisturizing and this white tea & ginger lotion is amazing.  Keep up with Dirty Mouthed Hippy Soap Co. by following them on facebook!


If you’re like me, eating healthy is important but can be hard when it comes to dessert.  When you have a sweet tooth, it’s almost impossible to find something as good as ice cream (which despite packing a lot of calcium, also contains a ton of fat and sugar).  Luckily, Fronana has you covered with their delicious whipped frozen bananas.

This stuff is every bit as good as ice cream except it’s actually completely good for you.  Their flavors are sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, and therefore guilt free!

fronana pb & choc

I had a chance to enjoy two of the flavors during 3rd on Third – peanut butter and chocolate.  The combination is absolutely delicious!

fronana pumpkin

My husband tried the pumpkin pie and it was the perfect autumn treat.

Follow their facebook page for updates on where you’ll find them next!

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