Today is the day!  Enjoy free ice cream at Graeter’s in Oakwood today (Monday, 9/15/14) from 3:00pm – 8:00pm.

EBP Cone

When I heard that Graeter’s was teaming up with The Cure Starts Now Foundation for their annual Cones for the Cure fundraising event, I thought that was a perfect pairing!  Graeter’s has done a great job decking out the Oakwood location for the Cones of the Cure campaign.

graeter's cones for the cure

Stop in tonight for your free ice cream and help support this great cause!

cones for the cure graeters

Graeter’s – Oakwood
2412 Far Hills Ave
Dayton, OH  45419
(937) 534-0602

beavercreek pizza dive

If there’s one thing that I love, it’s pizza.  If there’s a way to make pizza even better – it would have to be a pizza buffet.  Luckily, Beavercreek Pizza Dive has a weekly pizza buffet on Monday evenings and it’s so incredibly delicious!

pizza dive buffet

Beavercreek Pizza Dive specializes in New York style pizza with toppings ranging from traditional to creative, and there’s no better way to try some of the toppings combinations you’re curious about than to have a few slices from the buffet.

pizza dive pizza

I started with cheese pizza to see if their basics were good and ohmywow, it was so completely yummy!  I’m a huge fan of New York style pizza but their sauce was absolutely amazing as well as their crust so I was pretty thrilled.  I also tried the veggie pizza and loved it!

pizza dive mac and cheese

I was probably most curious about their mac & cheese pizza because it sounded pretty crazy.  I tried it and it’s definitely crazy!  I loved that you get a generous helping of homemade mac & cheese on every slice – crunchy breadcrumbs and all!

pretzel bites pizza dive

The pretzel bites are amazing!  A lot of places make pretzel bites and deep fry them to give them some flavor, but these don’t need it – they are so flavorful on their own and obviously a little healthier because of it!  I could probably eat 100 of these…

pizza dive dining area

Other than the Monday buffet, they also have great specials throughout the week, just keep an eye on their facebook page for updates.

Beavercreek Pizza Dive
4021 Dayton-Xenia Rd
Beavercreek, OH  45432
(937) 431-8669

lock 27 beer flight

On a warm, summer evening, my husband and I ended a long workday at Lock 27 in Centerville and had such an amazing time.

lock 27 bar

First of all, the beer is amazing.  They make it in small batches so they are able to try so many incredible recipes and always have 5 of their own brews on tap.  I had the chance to take a tour of their brewery and you can definitely tell their beer is a point of pride for them – they even have a window where you can see part of the process from the dining area!

kegs lock 27

They don’t just stop at great beer, you can also get a little creative with it by adding an infusion.  They have infusions of hops, coffee, or ghost pepper – so we had to try the ghost pepper!

ghost pepper beer lock 27

They crush a ghost pepper into a french press, pour in your beer of choice, and put the lid on.  You shouldn’t set the timer for anything more than 2 minutes because ghost peppers are so seriously hot.  Once you’re ready, press the hammer down, pour the concoction into your glass, and brace yourself for an intensely interesting beer.

caprese panini lock 27

Second – the food is out of this world!  The owner, Steve Barnhart, wanted to create a gastropub feel for Lock 27 – a sort of coffeehouse-with-beer vibe – and it totally works.

burger lock 27

They have specials that aren’t on the menu, so it’s worth it to come back again and again to try new things!  Oh, and they have Jeni’s ice cream for their amazing desserts!

dessert lock 27

I loved getting a chance to sit down with Steve and discuss his vision and his passion for what he does.  It’s absolutely refreshing to see someone so invested in his restaurant and community.  Lock 27 is one brewpub that absolutely nails every possible detail.  I can’t wait to go back!

lock 27 steve barnhart

lock 27 dining area
Lock 27 Brewing
1035 S Main St
Centerville, OH  45458
(937) 433-2739
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CSN 2012 Color Stacked Full Logo

Graeter’s Ice Cream is teaming up with The Cure Starts Now Foundation to help raise money for pediatric brain cancer research and have created a special flavor just for this month called Elena’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream.


During the Cones for the Cure promotion, customers of Graeter’s will have the chance to donate $1 or $5 in the store and anyone who donates $5 also receives a $15 savings booklet.  They will also be offering free ice cream during the promotion – but you have to like Cones for the Cure on Facebook to find out when!

EBP Cone

I’m happy to say that I have a super fun prize pack that I am giving away for this promotion – it includes a $10 gift certificate to Graeter’s, a Graeter’s ice cream cup koozie, notepads, a children’s book, and temporary tattoos!  To enter, visit Cones for the Cure on facebook and let me know that you did in the comments to this post.  You can also check out the foundation’s website to learn more about their mission (The Cure Starts Now Foundation) and leave a second comment for another entry.  On September 15, I’ll select a winner at random!

graeters prize

Good luck!

The following is an official press release:

beer wine food festival

The Beer, Wine and Food Festival will return for its fifth year with a special “Bacon Edition” on September 5-6, 2014. The 2014 festival is presented by Additional sponsors include Cock & Bull English Pub, Gold Star Chili, Warm 98, 103.5 WGRR and FOX 92.5.

In 2013, the festival attracted over 4,000 attendees and this year is expected to draw upwards of 5,000 guests. Historic Glendale Village Square will be filled with over 100 craft ales and wines from vendors such as MadTree, Jolly Pumpkin, Hanover Winery, Camelot Cellars and more.

This year’s festival celebrates Cincinnati’s “Porkopolis” history by highlighting all things wonderful about pork. Each of our food vendors will feature a bacon or pork inspired menu item. Food vendors include Cock & Bull, Glendalia Culinary Studio, Graeter’s, Fine Smoke and more.

The entertainment lineup for the festival features a Blues inspired Friday night with Hayden Kaye and Chuck Brisbin and the Tuna Project, while Saturday’s Bluegrass/Country night features Danny Frazier and The Carter New Band.

Festival hours are Friday, September 5 from 5-11pm and Saturday, September 6 from 5-11pm.  Admission to the festival is $10 for Non-Tasting Admission (includes admission to the festival) and $30 for Tasting Admission (includes admission to the festival, wristband, commemorative drinking glass and 5 tickets. Must be 21+).

A special “Happy Hour” will be held on Friday, September 5 from 5-6 PM and will feature free scoops of Graeter’s of Elena’s Blueberry Pie ice cream. The giveaway coincides with The Cure Starts Now and Graeter’s Cones for the Cure campaign.

Along with an iPhone app to navigate through the different beer, wine and food offerings, guests will get to vote for the “Best of” beer, wine and food. Winners will receive a very unique award.

Proceeds of the event benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation, one of the only cancer foundations dedicated to a “homerun cure” for all cancers, starting first with one of the most deadly and difficult cancers: pediatric brain cancer. Visit for more information and for volunteer opportunities.

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Welcome Dayton has put together a seriously amazing music video featuring Dayton musicians and performers.  Their message is one of encouraging cultural diversity to make Dayton as vibrant and unique as possible!

old yellow cab company

If Dayton loves one thing above all other things, it has to be food trucks.  Food truck rallies, therefore, are absolutely the most fun because you have so many great vendors to choose from, all in one convenient location.


The Old Yellow Cab Company Food Truck Rallies are the second Friday of every month and have a little bit of everything.  Located in the Oregon District, this event is the best way to spend a Friday evening because they really have everything you need all in one place.

voodoo taco

First, there’s the food, and plenty of it.  It’s easy to go from truck to truck, trying a little something from each vendor if you’d like, or you could pig out at one place by ordering a meal.  I loved Voodoo Taco!


I’m also forever in love with McNasty’s – they are the best people ever and have some of the best home cooking you’ll ever eat.

Second, there is plenty of beer – both local and non-local.  I am a huge fan of local beer but I loved that they also had some selections from Kona Brewing Company!

local love

And finally, there’s shopping!  Local Love is a traveling boutique and I was very happy to be able to pick up a new top while enjoying a fun night out!

I’m so looking forward to future Old Yellow Cab Company Food Truck Rallies!  The next one is during Urban Nights, September 12 from 5:00-10:00pm.

Old Yellow Cab Company
400 E. 4th St
Dayton, OH  45402
(937) 203-8175

If you love beer and Dayton, you’re probably also a pretty big fan of all of our craft breweries!  Take a look at my article for Dayton Local about local Dayton area breweries (as of August 2014) and plan yourself a loooong weekend :)

Dayton Local – A Craft Beer Revolution is Happening in Dayton!

mug of beer

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Shoply Banner Image

So you know how when you go shopping because you got a great coupon in the mail and you spend some time going around, making sure you’re picking up the best items you can find, only to get to the register….without your coupon?  And no, being able to describe exactly where it’s sitting on your dining room table usually won’t convince the cashier to give you the discount.  Well, thankfully, the good people at Shoply have decided to make an app for that!

Shoply All Deals View

Shoply is currently entering it’s beta testing phase and they are looking for a few good shoppers (with iPhones) to test drive this new app and give them feedback to make it better.  If you feel up to the challenge (and would like a $5 Starbucks gift card for your time) visit this link and sign up today:  The best part is that this wonderful app is being designed right here in Ohio!

Shoply Near Me View

The beta phase begins on September 19, so the people who sign up can expect to see an email from Shoply with a link to download the app for iPhone at that time. They will include all of the nitty gritty details in that email, but until then, here’s a recap of how this whole process will go down:

You guys will test drive Shoply for two weeks and tell them the good and bad moments of the experience. After the beta period is over, they will send an exit survey where you can share all of your fantastic input about your experience and how they can make the Shoply app even better. Afterward, Shoply will send an email with a $5 Starbucks e-gift card. It’s that simple!

Shoply on iPhone

Beta Program FAQs

What the heck is Shoply and how do I use it?

Shoply is a yet-to-be-released, all-in-one shopping assistant app for iPhone. It magically delivers personalized retail deals AND stores, organizes, and bundles everything you need for a smooth and speedy checkout. It allows you to snap and save your loyalty cards, gift cards, and paper coupons in just one place – your phone!

Shoply gives you instant access to hand-curated discounts and coupons from more than 100 top retailers. The app automatically learns your preferences, so it intuitively understands what you like and where you shop. This allows Shoply to find and fetch only the best deals that matter to you.

What’s in it for me? Why should I become a Shoply Beta Tester?

Exclusive access to a never-before-seen shopping app. Explore the exciting, uncharted territory of Shoply before everyone else and experience what it’s like to have all of your coupons, gift cards, and loyalty cards stored on just one app!

Free $5 Starbucks gift card. We’ll reward you with free coffee as a warm “thank you” for downloading our app and providing feedback in a short survey.

Get your opinions heard. We want to know what you love and hate about Shoply, so we can make the app even better. This is your chance to have a real impact on our final product before Shoply’s big, nationwide launch.

It’s my first time participating in a beta test. What’s the deal with this whole process?

When a tech company is preparing to roll out a newly-developed product, they typically do a small scale test with a sample audience. This is called beta testing.

The purpose of this process is to gauge user reactions, identify bugs and problem areas, and gain feedback about ways to improve the final product before launch. It is important for beta users remember that this isn’t a perfect product – it’s still a work-in-progress, which is why we need your help.

Shoply’s beta period will last 2 weeks. During this time, you can use the app as much as you’d like. When you’re ready to claim your reward (Well hello, Starbucks gift card!), simply complete and submit the beta survey. That’s it!

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simply vague greene

If you are a fan of the state of Ohio, you need to check out Simply Vague at the Greene.  This store has all Ohio-made items (many of which are also Ohio-themed!).

simply vague 1

I love shopping here because there are so many great ideas for gifts (for your friends, family, or yourself!).

simply vague 2

My favorite is the jewelry section because so many of the items are so completely unique.  I especially love the Ohio necklaces – I got a great little one from Red Giraffe Designs.

simply vague 3

I’ve also become completely addicted to The Holistic Mommy’s skin care products.  I use the foaming face wash every day and it smells amazing and cleanses perfectly.  I also love her rosemary mint whipped body butter and lip balm.  These products are so completely perfect!

simply vague 4

And now you can also purchase my yoga hair ties at Simply Vague!

girl about town yoga hair ties

Next time you’re at the Greene, definitely check out Simply Vague!  It’s between Von Maur and Pandora.

simply vague 5

Simply Vague
78 Magnolia Lane
Beavercreek, Ohio  45440
Located next to Pandora near Von MaurHours: Monday-Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm
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