scene 75 front

When it comes to date nights, Scene 75 takes the cake.  This place is perfect for couples looking to spend some time together while having fun in a casual place.

scene 75 racing place

My husband and I had the opportunity to check out Scene 75 one Friday night and had an absolute blast!

scene 75 bar & grille

We started with dinner in Scene 75’s Bar & Grille.  I was so happy that they had Dublin Pub’s cracker bread on their appetizer menu (they call it mashed potato flatbread pizza but I know they probably miss Dub Pub’s just as much as I do).

scene 75 food

I had the 4D veggie burger and Rob had the grilled cheese deluxe and everything was absolutely delicious.

scene 75 mic ultra!

I was thrilled that they had Michelob Ultra on draft!  This might not seem like a key detail but to my fellow Mic Ultra fans, this is very serious business!  In fact, Scene 75 has 24 beers on tap!

scene 75 mini golf

Next we decided to walk around and find our first games.  We started way in the back with Mini Golf and chose the Under the Sea course.  I think this is my very first time playing putt-putt under black light!

scene 75 chaos room

I wish I had a photo but I was pretty busy enjoying the Spin Zone Bumper Cars – the best part is that they spin like crazy every once in a while and you lose control.  The other cars will still move around even if they are empty so even though we were the only two people playing bumper cars at the time, it felt like the whole place was full of riders.

scene 75 4D theatre

Have you ever tried the 4D theatre?  It’s intense and so much fun!  We chose the Dinosaur Safari – which was awesome.  The seats tilt and move to the action in the movie and the wind blows in your face depending on what’s going on and how fast you’re going.  And yes, the 3D glasses fit over my real glasses!

scene 75 center bar

After all this excitement, it’s time for some refreshments and the Center Bar is the perfect place for a refill.  They even serve your drink in a plastic cup so you’re free to walk around and play more games.  I tried the Pac Man drink and loved it!

scene 75 pac man drink

Since we had drinks, our minds naturally went to bowling!  I’ve never mini-bowled before and I REALLY liked it.  The ball is a lot smaller and there are no holes – you just roll it down the alley, which is much shorter than normal and try to hit the pins that are also miniature and held by strings so they don’t need to be collected at the end.  This room has a lounge-y feel to it and I can imagine coming to Scene 75 just to play this game and grab a drink.

scene 75 mini bowl

The “traditional” arcade games are a ton of fun here because they always work.  I didn’t even realize how accustomed I am to arcade games being glitchy or broken until I went to Scene 75 and was able to play all of the games without worrying about a broken game eating my money.  My husband was all about shooting hoops and we always love a good game of skee ball.

scene 75 basketball

scene 75 arcade

This is nothing even close to an exhaustive list of all of the attractions and fun games at Scene 75.  I could go on and on about how amazing this place is (well, I kind of just did that!) but you really need to see it for yourself to get the full story!

scene 75 photo wall

Scene 75
6196 Poe Ave
Dayton, OH  45414
(937) 619-3200
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tropical drink in hawaii

Good morning!  I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday.  I’m recovering from an awesome wedding – Congratulations Shannon + Jeff! I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on some of my recent articles for Dayton Local and  I hope you enjoy!

Date Night Around Dayton by Lauren Rinehart (Dayton Local) – There is nothing better than a fun date night and these ideas should help you break out of your dinner-and-a-movie routine!

What Local Radio Stations Do You Listen To? by Lauren Rinehart (Dayton Local) – I loved learning so much about local radio stations and which ones are truly local.  I hope I didn’t miss your favorite!

Bucket List:  See Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House by Lauren Rinehart ( – I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Springfield and couldn’t believe all I was missing!  Westcott House is a must see!

Bucket List:  5 Cool Facts about Hawthorn Hill by Lauren Rinehart ( – I don’t know why or how it took me so long to get to Hawthorn Hill but I’m so glad I finally did.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the changes as they transform it back to the way it looked when Orville Wright was still living there.


Last year, my family went on an adventure to Hawaii (specifically Oahu and Kauai).  Since it’s been a year, I’m starting to get the itch to travel again but instead I guess I’ll just relive these great memories instead.

waikikiWe started out in Oahu staying at a hotel for a few days.  From the lanai (fancy word for balcony) you can see the city of Waikiki to your left and the ocean to your right.  It’s absolute magic to sit outside in the morning (usually EARLY morning because of the time difference) and drink coffee, watching the early risers surf and boats go by.  The city starts to wake up and sounds of traffic start to mingle with the surf.

imperial waikiki

Eventually you really need breakfast and we always stay in this hotel, Imperial Waikiki, that has a Denny’s on the bottom floor.  Living in Dayton, it was my natural conclusion that Denny’s is the worst place ever, but every time I go anywhere in the west (Hawaii, Las Vegas) the Denny’s are AMAZING.


After breakfast it’s time to explore!  The beach is a very short walk away and the beach restaurants are fantastic.  I love open air restaurants and bars.  One of my favorites is Shorebird Restaurant but I somehow don’t have any photos of it…maybe the $4 mai tais made me forget?

royal hawaiian

Waikiki has shopping and everything you want to do always seems to be in walking distance.  It’s fun to just walk around and take it all in.

royal hawaiian 1

My favorite place to visit in Oahu is the Royal Hawaiian.  It’s a hotel that will never be in my price range to actually stay there but we always spend a decent amount of time sitting on their beach bar patio, watching the hula dancer or listening to a Hawaiian band perform, and drinking tropical drinks right by the beach.

royal hawaiian 3

The Royal Hawaiian is the “pink hotel” you hear about sometimes because it’s probably the oldest hotel on the island (built in 1927).  It’s definitely the most luxurious.

royal hawaiian 2

The Polynesian Cultural Center is located on Oahu and it’s easy to get on the bus to the other side of the island.  I love the canoe trip and the educational information about all of the islands that make up Polynesia.

polynesian cultural center

Oahu is amazing – there is so much to do and see here and the beaches are pristine.  There is so much old world glamour here and sometimes I think you could spend 2 weeks just here.  But I like the slower, more relaxed vibes of the other islands as well – check out my trip to Kauai in Part II!

imperial waikiki

A while back, my mom, sister, and I decided to get a little artistic at Raise Your Brush.


We picked the aurora painting because the colors seemed dark and mysterious.  It really is a neat painting!  My favorite part was splattering white paint at the end to make it look like stars in the distance.  It’s just fun to get a little messy!

raise your brush 2

In the end, I have to admit, my painting looks less “natural wonder” and a lot more “accidental radioactive chemical spill gone airborne” but I can still stand behind it.

raise your brush

I absolutely love a fun night out with my mom and sister painting happy little trees and drinking wine!

Raise Your Brush
169 N Main St
Centerville, OH 45459
(937) 470-5487


derailed 1

When you’re the only hair salon in the Oregon District, you’re going to get some weirdos as clients – namely my sister and me.  My sister was looking for a pixie cut and I was just there to hang out (and take a million photos, per usual).

derailed 2

As soon as I walked in, I absolutely fell in love!  The 1950s classic beauty shop antiques are so perfect!

derailed 3

The owner, Mindy, is the only employee of this small hair studio and she does such an amazing job of making us feel welcome. She even offers free bang trims between cuts so you don’t mess them up trying to do it yourself at home.

derailed 4

I loved the full-wall mural and waiting area.

derailed 5

This place has a lot of style and it was a lot of fun just walking around taking it all in.

Derailed Hair Studio
506 E 5th St
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 222-3910
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mimosa at butter cafe

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! For this special edition of Dayton Sunday Reading, I’m highlighting the amazing mom blogs in the Dayton area.

Modern Dayton Mom – Jen writes about all things Dayton for families!  I love this great blog.

Dayton Moms Blog – This blog covers many parenting topics and helps to connect parents with businesses and resources in the Dayton area!

Frugal Fit Family – Heather writes fantastic articles about healthy eating that even kids can enjoy as well as tips to help families save money.

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UDF to serve $0.75 single-dip cones in honor of milestone


United Dairy Farmers (UDF), a family-owned ice cream and convenience store chain headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2015. To commemorate 75 years of serving many Ohio communities, all 182 UDF locations will offer 75¢ single-dip ice cream cones on Friday, May 8.


UDF created a special ice cream flavor specifically for the occasion, and asked their Facebook community to choose a name for the new flavor. The winning name, “75 Candles,” features cake flavored ice cream with real Oreo cookies and rainbow confetti. It will be available in-store while supplies last, along with nostalgic malt cups, coffee and fountain mugs, throwback peach ice cream packaging and a commemorative ice cream scoop. In addition, UDF will offer a Stock the Ice Box sale, where customers can purchase five 48 oz. UDF ice creams, lights or sherbet options for $15.

“We recognize the connection UDF has with each neighborhood, so this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all UDF communities,” said Brad Lindner, president and CEO of United Dairy Farmers. “This anniversary is special to our family with four generations of Lindner’s having worked at UDF over the past 75 years. It’s important to us that we show our appreciation to all who have contributed to our growth and success as we celebrate this milestone.”

After more than 20 years in the dairy industry, Carl Lindner Sr., opened the first UDF location on May 8, 1940 in Norwood. The store, located at 3955 Montgomery Road, still serves as the UDF headquarters and dairy operations plant. From the beginning, United Dairy Farmers has been a family affair. Carl Lindner Sr. opened and operated the UDF first store alongside his four children. Sons Carl Jr., Robert Sr. and Richard Sr. held responsibilities that ranged from production, equipment installation and procurement of materials, while his daughter, Dorothy, managed the financial books. Nearly 75 years to the day later, Bob Sr. and Dorothy, the two surviving Lindner children, can vividly remember their first day on the job.

“I can still picture opening the first store in Norwood,” said Bob Lindner Sr., 94-year-old son of Carl Sr. who served at the helm of UDF for decades. “Carl, Rich and I were busy working with our dad to sell milk and serve ice cream, and Dorothy kept our books. She would calculate, by hand, our sales total after every day. It’s hard to believe the total sales for our first day was $8.28.”

“We always came together as a team, no matter what happened, it was always us working together as a united team,” said Dorothy Kreuzman (Lindner) when looking back on the days she spent with her father and brothers at their first UDF store.

The four Lindner children continued management of the blossoming UDF locations after their father passed away in 1952. Now, three-quarters of a century after the first store opened, three generations of the Lindner family still work with the family business in various roles.

“I can remember my dad, Bob Sr., telling many stories about his days working at the first store,” said Brad Lindner. “He worked long hours with his siblings and my grandfather, but never once complained because he was working together with his family to make their business a success. UDF began as a family’s team effort in 1940, and their commitment to remain a team is something we still honor today.”

Original United Dairy Farmers


By opening the first UDF location, Carl Sr. hoped to provide a cash and carry milk store to offer ice cream and milk at a discounted rate. At the time, this was a groundbreaking concept as milk was primarily sold through home delivery. UDF offered a gallon of milk for 28 cents and a triple-dip ice cream cone for 17 cents. Without a delivery fee or cost of credit, UDF milk and ice cream was a more affordable option for local residents compared to the 52 cent cost of a quart of milk delivered to their home.

Over the years, United Dairy Farmers has expanded across the region and continued to provide more dairy and grocery items to local residents while holding steadfast to their original beliefs: serving quality ice cream and dairy products that families can afford with friendly service. Remaining true to these values laid the foundation for a family-owned business that looks forward to another 75 years.

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get dressed boutique
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and one boutique that really gets it is Get Dressed! Boutique in Oakwood.

get dressed

This shop is stocked with gorgeous spring and summer colors in clothing, jewelry, and fun accessories!

get dressed 2

These gorgeous necklaces are by Tat2 Designs – an LA based designer who focuses on antique finishes and mixed metals.

get dressed 3

I had a hard time picking out one of these amazing Chan Luu bracelets! (I went with the pink and gold one, btw.)

get dressed boutique 3

I was absolutely inspired by all of the light, layering pieces – all of these would be such great additions for a spring/summer wardrobe.

get dressed 4

Despite selling some seriously chic brands, the real draw to this boutique has to be their excellent customer service.  Each person is greeted and immediately made to feel welcome.  The sales staff offers expert style tips and can help you pick out the perfect outfit for any occasion.  I really enjoyed the personal attention afforded to every customer, and the warmth of the staff.  It’s not every day that you walk into a shop without knowing anyone and walk away feeling like you just spent an hour with good friends.

get dressed 5

Get Dressed! Boutique
2501 Far Hills Ave
Dayton, OH 45419
(937) 299-9109
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obligatory blogger food photo

Good morning!  Here’s some Dayton reading:

HBO, Tom Hanks to Create Wright Brothers Miniseries (Dayton Business Journal) – I don’t know about you but I remember tons of people being pretty dang excited for the John Adams miniseries and this is supposed to be done in much the same way.  I can’t wait!  Now I just need to find someone with an HBO Go password….

‘Summer in the City’ to Replace Urban Nights by Amelia Robinson ( – I wasn’t sure what was going to happen once Urban Nights was revealed to be canceled, but I have to admit, Summer in the City looks so seriously awesome.  I can’t wait!  The first one is Art in the City and it’s set for May 8.

Room for Tuesday Blog by Sarah Gibson & Jacqueline Brown – Although these ladies aren’t shouting from the rooftops that they are from Dayton (the closest is in their About section where they say they’re from the “Midwest”), it seems like they must be.  So much of their amazing work in web design, store front design, etc. is based here and I’m in love with all of the work they’ve done for Preen!  Their blog is visually stunning and full of great tips on just about everything.

I was recently invited to participate in a Columbus blogger link-up (it’s where a group of bloggers get together to write on one prompt and then link to each other’s articles that also answer that prompt).  For the kick-off, Lauren of A Few of My Favorite Things asked us to consider who are our 3 favorite bloggers and why.


Work Play Polish

I look forward to every single post by this incredibly talented nail blogger (and it doesn’t hurt that she lives here in Dayton!).  The swatches are often BETTER than the nail polish company’s official swatches and she has a way of describing each shade in words I can identify with (rather than some breezy, PR nonsense like “this aqua marries the shimmer of the Pacific with the deep indigo of the reef…” Please just tell me if there’s glitter.).  She is also the best nail artist I’ve ever seen and comes up with some seriously inventive designs.


Wander & Whine

Even if I had never met these ladies in person, I would have felt like I know them through their fun lifestyle and travel blog.  I love that they take turns writing posts about the fun they have in Columbus as well as the amazing places they journey to like Puerto Rico and Spain.  No matter what I’m doing, I find myself stopping whatever I’m doing to read their posts when they pop up in my email!

a latte learn

A Latte Learn

This girl hails from Dayton and takes some seriously amazing photos of her beautiful life in this personal lifestyle blog.  She shares great tips for just about everything and I love her home decor posts (maybe she should just help me out and decorate my house? What do you say, Amanda?).

Check out the other bloggers in the Columbus blogger link-up who also answered who their 3 favorite bloggers are and why:

The Micro Harvest