On Saturday, August 2 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, Warped Wing will be hosting Flying Towards a Cure, a fundraising event with proceeds benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here.  In the past, Carson’s Crew has helped raise a total of over $80,000 since 2009 and they are hoping to make 2014 the most successful event yet.  They will have a silent auction, a raffle, and Warped Wing happens to serve some pretty amazing beer so this event is going to be a lot fun!

Shaun and Alison put together this event each year on behalf of their son, Carson, who is living with Cystic Fibrosis.  His daily treatments are complex and include medicines, enzymes, medical apparatus, etc.   Thanks to the research conducted up to this point, the future looks a little brighter each day for those diagnosed with CF and their families – that’s why it’s so important to continue the research and find the cure.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that makes the normal mucous found in the lungs and pancreas too thick to move like it should, causing breathing and digestive problems for those who suffer from it.  Strides in research over the past 60 years have made it possible for people with CF to have a much better quality of life than previously thought possible.

What:  Silent Auction, Baskets, Raffles, Music, and Socializing (not to mention, Warped Wing beer!)
Where:  Warped Wing Brewing Company, 26 Wyandot St, Dayton, OH 45402
When:  Saturday, August 2, 2014 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Why:  All proceeds to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (donations are tax deductible)

The following is an official press release

facebook aug 14

With over 1700 attendees, the inaugural Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally was a success. Eight food trucks, a mobile retail shop and a local baker were all in attendance. Three local brewing companies were represented as well. “We really just want to build community and add to the vibrancy of downtown and I think we accomplished that,” said Brian Johnson, one of the organizers. He also mentioned, “we had a great time and look forward to making the second rally even better.”

Organizers asked for feedback and the response was overwhelmingly positive, though a few suggestions included increased seating and more food trucks to accommodate the large crowd. They plan to address these concerns for their next rally on Aug 8th and also to add a second beer truck to make easier access to beer. Organizers also noticed that there were a lot of families in attendance and are looking to partner with a local business to sponsor a kids area. They also encourage attendees to engage with the “picnic-like” style of a food trucks rally and bring blankets and lawn chairs. 

Looking to the future, organizers say they plan to keep hosting the food trucks on the second Friday of every month, weather permitting. For more information regarding the Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies, check out their Facebook or website

Event Details:
Friday, Aug 8th
700 E. 4th St.
Dayton, Oh 45402

belle of dayton

I was one of the many people who were completely intrigued by the speakeasy that was discovered in an old building in Downtown Dayton early last year.  The story seemed so amazing, that a speakeasy right out of history could be discovered untouched for all these years.  It felt like we all got a chance to catch a unique glimpse into Dayton’s Prohibition Era past.

distillery belle of dayton

After the news of this discovery was announced, the owner of Don’s Pawn Shop across the street contacted the Dayton Daily News to let them know about some bottles construction workers had found while working on the basement of his building.  One of the bottles was etched with the words “Belle of Dayton.”  This distillery was unknown to local historians so the mystery of the bottle captivated Dayton.

cash register belle of dayton

Recently, two brothers opened the new Belle of Dayton, 80+ years after prohibition likely caused the dissolution of the former Belle.  Located in a free-standing building in the Oregon District, Belle of Dayton is rekindling the small batch distillery market in Dayton with their first creation – vodka.

belle of dayton vodka

I had a chance to try their vodka and it’s very smooth, and simply perfect in every way.  I even (ok, especially!) love the packaging – you can tell they used the former Belle’s design aesthetic as well as their logo.  I’m absolutely in love with our newest addition to the craft alcohol movement going on in Dayton.

Belle of Dayton
122 Van Buren St
Dayton, OH  45402

In case you missed it, take a look at this article I wrote for Dayton Local:  10 Tips to Get the Most from Dayton Area Farmers Markets.

Also, Dayton Local has a great list of all of the Dayton Area Farmers Markets to help you get shopping!


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fsb 2nd bday

Fifth Street Brewpub celebrated their second anniversary recently and I had a lot of fun celebrating with them on their big day! I even won one of the 2 cent pints!

biergarten at fsb

I remember when I was working at an architectural firm that was handling part of the remodel to create FSB and when they explained that it would be a brewery and tavern where people could pay to become part owners, I wasn’t sure if that would catch on.  They had a 3D rendering of what the finished FSB would look like and I thought it looked crazy different from anything else on East Fifth Street.  As it turns out, doing things differently has really made them successful.  In the intervening years the craft brewery craze hit Dayton hard and even though FSB has had a difficult time getting their license to brew from the state, they have remained relevant by serving brilliantly curated craft beer – celebrating their fellow breweries in the process and earning them many customers and co-op owners.

fsb celebration

Now, this Wednesday, July 16, Fifth Street Brewpub will finally be serving their own beer for the first time!  It’s been a long time coming and it’ll be really exciting to see what they can do.

Fifth Street Brewpub
1600 E 5th St
Dayton, OH  45403
(937) 443-0919

tiffany comet vomit

If you’ve read this blog for more than a day, you know that I love two things:  Dayton and beauty – and when they meet, I’m absolutely thrilled!

comet vomit nail polish

Comet Vomit is a brand that I can really get behind because they offer all of my favorite things:  nail polish, lip balm, and eye shadow. I luckily had the opportunity of sitting down with Tiffany – the creator of all these beautiful things – and ask her all of my questions.

nail color comet vomit

First, I wanted to know what inspires her unique colors.  She told me about her love for all things science and how she will often search through books of space photos to find new ideas and names for her creations.  She and I not only share a love of space but also science fiction – so many of her colors are named after shows and movies she loves like Dr. WhoTARDIS is Love” – a rich, almost metallic royal blue and Hitchhikers’ Guide to the GalaxyBabble Fish Food” – an aqua/teal jelly nail polish with large flecks of glitter .  In fact, she’s even received attention from Neil deGrasse Tyson himself for her nail polish shade called “Teal deGrasse Tyson.”

teal degrasse tyson

She sells mostly on Etsy but has occasionally set up shop at local fairs and festivals.  This is where customers get to see all of the amazingly spacey items she has to sell – from beauty to jewelry and more.  To keep up to date on where to find her booth make sure to follow her facebook page: Comet Vomit.

comet vomit display

I recently tried her nail polish and absolutely loved it!  It’s so shiny and the color is wonderful.  I can’t recommend her nail polish enough – it’s 100% perfect.  In addition to her love of space and science fiction, Tiffany is a big fan of science and how art and science meet in beauty products.  She told me that putting together all of the materials she uses in her polishes is like being a mad scientist in a laboratory.   Even the mistakes along the way have often been beautiful! (Because with color and glitter, what can really go wrong?)

comet vomit pink

Her lip balm is moisturizing and smells like heaven.  It’s replaced the Carmex I thought I would never stop using.

big balm theory

And the eyeshadows are great.  The color is true to what you see in the package and it’s nice to know someone made this locally!

nice planet

If you’re looking to purchase some great beauty items made in your own hometown, you have to check out Comet Vomit today.  Use discount code LOCAL for free shipping – you just have to set up local pick up.

comet vomit cosmic wreck

The next things I’m planning on trying are from her bath and body line up!

cosmic cupcake

I loved getting a chance to get to know this mad beauty scientist and can’t wait to see where in the galaxy this fantastic brand will go!


belmont bar crawl

One evening at dinner, my husband tells me about an idea he had to walk around Belmont, trying several of the bars in the area (many for the first time), and I think “what a great idea!” and immediately start texting some of my friends to see if they would similarly be excited about such an event.  Of course they were just as enthusiastic as me and quickly we had a plan for a Belmont Bar Crawl.


We planned out how it would start – at Angie’s Firehouse Tavern.  We had been meaning to eat there and it’s a great place to grab some food and a pitcher (or two).  I had the grilled cheese and crinkle fries.

angie's grilled cheeseWe used the opportunity to start our #belmontbarcrawl hashtag of the evening on Facebook and Instagram just in case anyone else wants to follow in our footsteps.

blue's / flick's

Then we moved next door to either Flick’s or Blue’s, we’re still not 100% sure about the name.  Either way, it was a lot of fun and a very affordable bar.


We walked to Slyder’s where we enjoyed lots of beer choices on tap.

slyder's belmont

Next we made a long walk to Red Carpet Tavern and I absolutely fell in love with the place.  They had the most organized and efficient karaoke I’ve ever seen – everyone, no matter how drunk, was waiting for their turn so it ended up sounding more like the radio because the next person was ready to go as soon as the last person was done belting their tune.  It was amazing!

red carpet popcorn

I also loved the free popcorn!  And the fact that they had Mic Ultra on draft.  They also have 3 draft sizes, which is nice especially if you’d like to have a few different kinds in an evening.

carmichael's fun

Next we had to stop in to Carmichael’s to round out the evening.  I love this bar because they have so much to do - a great jukebox, karaoke, pool, video games, and I may or may not know from experience that luckily the regulars don’t mind when you drunkenly crash their Journey song.  (Sorry!)

We had such a great time exploring our neighborhood bars and I can’t wait to spend some more time at each one of them.  If you try a Belmont Bar Crawl, let me know how it goes!

ghostlight nitro

If you’re a fan of coffee and beer you’re in for a treat – Ghostlight Coffee has installed a Guinness tap and instead of pouring Guinness, they are brewing up a new kind of fun.  They have coffee on draft and it creates the coolest, carbonated coffee drink you’ve ever had.  It’s cold and has the exact same mouth feel of beer while being perfectly caffeinated.  It’s so much fun to drink this after sweating in the crazy Ohio sun!

ghostlight nitro 2

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Nitro, you definitely need to head over to Ghostlight as soon as possible to enjoy it while it lasts!

this is coffee

Ghostlight Coffee
 1201 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH  45410
(937) 985-2633


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The following is an official press release

yellow cab

On July 11th, a new food truck rally is set to take place at The ‘Old’ Yellow Cab building, located near The Oregon District. Organizers say that in addition to 6-12 local food trucks, there will also be craft beer from local breweries, live music, and handmade goods from area vendors.

Brian Johnson, one of the organizers of the rally, said “We want to continue to build the food truck movement with a focus on downtown Dayton. These trucks are a great way to get folks to come downtown who may not normally. Once they’re down here, they can connect with all the great things Dayton has going on and experience the diverse offerings of independent businesses. Additionally, by adding local craft beers, and live music to the mix, we’re hoping to take food truck rallies to another level!”

The food truck rally adds to the long list of events the “Old” Yellow Cab building has the capacity to host. With easy access to parking and a close proximity to the Historic Oregon District, the Yellow Cab has gained a lot of traction with event promoters, non-profit groups, and local musicians looking to throw anything from parties, to craft fairs, to shows.  There are three spaces of varying sizes available for long or short-term rental to groups

Looking to the future, organizers say they plan to keep hosting the food trucks on the second Friday of every month, weather permitting. For more information regarding the Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies, check out their Facebook or website

Event Details:
Friday, July 11th
700 E. 4th St.
Dayton, Oh 45402

lily's bistro

I absolutely loved getting a chance to catch up with Lisa from Dayton Local a few weeks ago at Lily’s Bistro on one of their lovely patios.

spicy drink

They had this daily special drink that we couldn’t pass up made with pineapple juice and sriracha of all things.  So glad we gave it a try because it was definitely unique and surprisingly refreshing.

jalapeno spoonbread

Keeping with the sweet and spicy flavors, I got a jalapeño spoon bread and absolutely loved it!  It’s the perfect combination of sweet and heat and really hit the spot!

mac and cheese

Of course no trip to Lily’s is complete until you’ve tried their $5 bowl of mac and cheese.  They use cavatappi noodles instead of the usual macaroni and it’s a neat change of pace.

lily's bistro 2

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for drinks and a snack after work, you definitely need to check out Lily’s Bistro!

Lily’s Bistro
329 E 5th St
Dayton, OH  45402
(937) 723-7637
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